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The Folger Variation

The Folger Variation

The Folger Variation follows three interconnected lives throughout different strands of time. Pancake: Pancake Patterson is a former jazz musician who spends all his time roaming the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, frequenting abandoned factories and participating in Russian Roulette tournaments, but what exactly is Ol’ Pancake running away from? The Folger Variation: Arthur Folger has it all. Since his grandfather gave him a time machine, Folger has been living the high life but he can’t find a time-line where his beloved girlfriend Deborah manages to survive a gas explosion. Last Exit to Interzone: Kip Novikov is a Glasgow time detective who is sought out by William Burroughs to help clean up a little problem. Novikov seeks out the help of Hubert Selby Jr.


About the author: Chris Kelso is a Scottish writer, illustrator, editor and journalist. He has been frequently published in literary and university publications across the UK, US and Canada, has written several books, edited anthologies, and, with Garrett Cook, is the co-creator of ‘The Imperial Youth Review’.


ISBN: 978-1-909849-31-0


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